Auxiliary Materials for Thermal Spray

A number of auxiliary materials are provided to support your thermal spray activities.




Lining auxiliary materials:

Blasting medium (grit)

  • Metcolite high quality alumina grit
  • Available in various standard grain sizes
  • Designed to provide a clean and consistent surface profile
  • Sharp-edged and tough
  • Sufficient for many blasting stages

Masking materials

We offer several different masking options to prevent unwanted coatings in certain areas:

Masking tapes

  • Designed to withstand the challenges of thermal spraying
  • Removed cleanly after coating
  • For High Speed Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) applications, we offer HP Flame Spray Masking Tape

Liquid masking compounds

  • Designed to mask more complex geometries
  • A variety of different liquid masking products are available to suit different production requirements
  • Easily applied
  • Wash or peel off without leaving a residue

Auxiliary Materials (Sealers)

Use our portfolio of Metcoseal sealants to seal the natural porosity of thermal spray coatings and further increase corrosion resistance:

  • Product options designed for a variety of applications and service conditions
  • Simple to apply, requires only dry air or dried at low temperature in an air oven
  • Low Volatile Organic compound (VOC) sealer and VOC-free sealer available
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