Highly controlled manufacturing processes enable us to produce conductive nickel powders with extremely high purity and features tailored to your application. Our nickel powders have consistent particle shape and morphology, for excellent performance as core materials or conductive fillers.

Experience you can trust

For over 35 years, we have manufactured high-quality nickel powders. We supply nickel-clad composite powders with metallic and non-metallic cores ranging in size from 20 to over 300 µm. You can rely on our long-standing experience manufacturing nickel powders for outstanding results in your application.

Unique manufacturing capabilities

We are a leading supplier for nearly pure (> 99.8%) specialty nickel powders, produced via environmentally-friendly, pressure hydrometallurgy. The powders are precipitated from a nickel solution by introducing hydrogen gas at high pressure and temperature. This achieves a high purity product with contaminant levels comparable to those achieved with pyrometallurgy. The nickel powder produced is spheroidal with a pebbly surface. By changing the process conditions, it is possible to modify the shape of the particle and surface morphology.

The right product for your needs:

E-Fill 1231: Fine grade, 95% -44 µm (-325 ASTM mesh) pure nickel powder that has a closely controlled particle size distribution

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