E-Fill nickel graphite materials offer the shielding effectiveness of silver-clad fillers at a fraction of the cost. We optimize our materials to meet the requirements of your molded, extruded or form-in-place application.

Preferred for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) gaskets and seals

Our flagship E-Fill product, nickel graphite powder, is the preferred conductive filler in raw material formulation for EMI gaskets and seals. These powders are polymer additives that are typically combined with silicone to form thermally and electrically conductive elastomers.

Product benefits

Our powder’s EMI gasket shielding capabilities are comparable to that of silver conductive filler additives over a wide frequency range. The angular particle shape is coupled with our proprietary, highly conductive, hard nickel coating, gives our gasket material the “bite” need to ensure electrical conductivity, which enhances environmental sealing and RFI/EMI shielding. E-Fill nickel graphite excels in applications where coated flanges are used, providing optimal electrical contact. It is aluminum-compatible, providing enhanced galvanic corrosion resistance and stability in severe environments.

Published data proves the shielding capability of nickel graphite is comparable to silver-plated materials over a wide-range of frequencies.

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