Oerlikon Metco operates coating shops in Wohlen (Switzerland) and Westbury (USA) for individual parts such as prototypes or small numbers of engine blocks. Our customers include major automotive OEMs (high-performance engines), aircraft and truck engine manufacturers and race teams from all major categories.

Worldwide coating facilities

In Wohlen (Switzerland) and Westbury NY (USA), Oerlikon Metco operates SUMEBore coating service shops that apply coatings that are specially designed for racing applications and for limited production runs of high-performance engines such as the Bugatti Veyron W16 and the Aston Martin One-77 V12. Coating services are also regularly provided on L4 diesel engines for small aircrafts and for the restoration of vintage car and motorcycle engines.

Prototyping and production support

Both locations also attend to coating and process development for prototype engines  that are subsequently tested by the customer at their site, and for pilot production support of customers during the ramp-up of their own mass-production coating processes.

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