For effective wide-gap brazing applications and component repair, combine our Amdry gas-atomized standard and superalloy powders with our high-temperature braze alloys and diffusion braze alloys. Our wide-gap solutions meet the stringent requirements for aviation and other rigorous industries.

Our standard filler alloys can be combined with our standard braze filler metals for wide-gap applications. For repairing wide gaps on gas turbine components, we offer superalloy filler metals that can be combined with our Amdry activated diffusion braze alloys.

The right options for your specific application

Cobalt- and nickel-based powders compliment our activated diffusion braze alloy powders
Nickel-based powders facilitate wide-gap applications when blended with standard braze filler metals
Coarse and fine powder cuts are available for many powders to suit your repair needs

Superior manufacturing

Dry gas atomization manufacturing produces oxide-free powders that do not interfere with the braze process
All of our powders are manufactured under highly controlled conditions
Testing on each material lot ensures OEM and industrial specification compliance
Superalloy materials meet requirements for several OEMs, so one product an be stocked for different engine types


Superalloy powders can be pre-blended with activated diffusion powders per specific customer requirements, which:

Eliminates the need to track and stock multiple materials
Eliminates a process production step
Pre-blended materials can be provided as powders or as paste to aid in the application of the product to your component
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