Our in-depth technical knowledge enables us to develop specialized machining services such as electro discharge machining and electro-chemical drilling of cooling holes of various diameters and lengths in complex airfoil structures.

Airfoil processing

Features we apply on gas turbine airfoils include:

Film cooling holes
Internal cooling holes
Seal slots
Tip cavities
Root notches
Tip closures

We can also deliver engine-ready parts, performing the complete workflow in-house:

Conventional machining
Non-conventional machining

Unique scope of in-house machining capabilities

Our comprehensive, specialized manufacturing facilities provide across-the-board solutions for manufacturing critical aircraft engine components. We can easily adapt to specification changes, such as component design modifications that require manufacturing process alterations. With our lean manufacturing methods, we deliver your part on time and at the  required quality.

Cellular manufacturing

Our cellular manufacturing environment maximizes efficiency. We process families of components in semiautonomous teams that operate as effectively as possible, providing you a competitive service. Each team is supported by in-cell manufacturing engineers that drive continuous process improvement. In-cell performance indicators provide each team with continuous feedback. This approach enables us to get the most out of our internal resources.

Our “Zero Defects” policy reduces our cost-of-quality and ensures that products delivered is im accordance to your requirements. Our Material Review Board, consisting of cell engineers, production team leaders and quality engineers, has the objective to decrease scrap and increase “first time right” production. The cell engineer also supports our production operators with root cause analysis to structurally improve our internal processes. We continuously expand our operators’ working knowledge with recurring process training sessions taught by experienced, in-house trainers.

Successful long-term OEM relationships

Our long-term customer relationships are a testimony to the value we add as an industry leader. We offer true innovation, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities to take gas turbine components from concept through successful production.

Our involvement at the earliest phases of development improves the manufacturability of critical engine components. We rely on our experience to exceed expectations and meet even the most challenging goals. Using our production and engineering expertise, we continuously develop our internal processes, reducing manufacturing costs and improving part‑to‑part repeatability. We have the capacity to produce the volumes and quality you require. Oerlikon Metco is your trusted partner, committed to your success.

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