Oerlikon Metco offers a complete solution package to address a variety of challenges for cylinder surfaces. The package consists of a production system, tailored coating materials, and extensive industrialization know-how based on many years of experience with the SUMEBore technology.



Process description

Oerlikon Metco offers the industrialization of the entire plasma coating of cylinder liner surfaces, from cleaning via surface activation and the application of the plasma coat through to the final machining by means of diamond honing (mirror finishing).

Coating materials

The SUMEBore materials toolbox is based on a modular powder chemistry that can address all issues such as reduced friction, scuffing, corrosion resistance and abrasive wear that can occur on a combustion engine cylinder surface. The fact that the materials are powder based offers high flexibility for customizing the coating materials. The whole range from pure metallic, through metal matrix composites to pure ceramics can be covered with powder based composition. This means that the composition can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Additional requirements
Scuffing Corrosion I Corrosion II Wear
Low alloyed carbon steel Steel / molybdenum composite for increasing scuffing resistance Modified base material: Cr-Mo stainless steel for biofuel compatibility Highest corrosion resistance with superferrite composition Material Matrix Composite MMC with “soft” ceramics to improve wear
XPT 512
F 4301
F 2056
XPT 627
F 4375
F 2220

Production systems

Systems for the application of SUMEBore coatings are based on atmospheric plasma spraying (APS). For coating of engine blocks, the APS torch rotates (RotaPlasma HS1), for the coating of liners, the part is rotated.The engineered systems are customized to meet the needs of customers in terms of part size, numbers and variability.

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