Advanced transmissions require a strong foundation. Ours is a combination of Carbon friction material and stamped steel synchronizer parts, providing heavy-duty strength for demanding applications in all moder n transmissions. Especially our high expertise in Dual Clutch Transmission synchronizers exemplifies our technology leadership: today the majority of all DCT on the market are equipped with Friction Systems technology. Our high-performance Carbon synchronizer components and modules are the industry’s solution of choice when it comes to manual and dual-clutch transmissions. The reason? Compelling versatility for passenger and commercial vehicle transmissions coupled with compelling performance for mass production applications and limited series applications with demanding requirements.

Key Benefits

Low weight
High performance
Excellent shift quality due to superior friction
Compatible with state-of-the-art transmission fluids
Enhanced durability due to wear resistant friction materials
Consistent shift performance

Competence in Carbon friction material

Friction Systems not only uses thermal spray molybdenum, but also offers more options of highly innovative Carbon friction materials than any other competitor in the industry. Because of our broad range of materials with superior friction characteristics, we can match one of our material offerings with your specific application needs to pr ovide excellent shift comfort, unsurpassed durability and transmission fluid compatibility. That’s why Friction Systems is a leader in friction technology. Always at the forefront, Friction Systems offers our two-layer Carbon, which has set the industry standard with more proven experience in customer applications than any other type of Carbon material alr eady over 20 years ago, as well as multiple types of Carbon composites and woven Carbons, all within the same thick – ness range. This enables our customers to select the ideal Carbon material for their applications, while ensuring that materials can be introduced even during late development phases when necessary, resulting in added flexibility during the ongoing project phases.

Competence in manufacturing

Steel Stamping

Friction Systems develops and manufactures high volume, stamped steel synchronizer solutions. With our stamping presses and automated production systems we are capable of handling the most innovative and complex part designs. Friction Systems is uniquely positioned to support its customers.

Heat treatment

Our special heat treatment process increases the durability of the synchronizer rings that it meets even the highest customer requirements.

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