For critical joining applications in high-temperature service conditions, trust our Amdry brazing filler metal products. Our high quality materials provide repeatable processing results and excellent in-service performance.



Chose the right filler metal for your application

Nickel-, cobalt-, and iron-based alloys for substrate and processing compatibility
Choices cover most process melting temperatures and service temperatures
Product formulations suitable for narrow-gap through wide-gap applications
Oxide-free filler metals produced using dry-gas atomization for repeatable results
Products approved for many OEM specifications

Application choices to suit your production needs

Powders, some available in fine or coarse particle sizes to match your application
Organic pastes, packed in a variety of cartridge and syringe sizes, or bulk packed
Custom braze tapes with your choice of adhesive
Custom, die-cut braze preforms for very rapid application on complex-shaped areas
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