Long-standing experience in laser cladding makes us your preferred partner for developing manufacturing and repair processes. We have performed a great variety of laser applications for customers all around the world.

Some typical examples of laser applications we have processed on our equipment include:


Protection of blade tip against abrasion

Programming and CNC-controlled laser cladding a protective layer on a blade tip

Substrate: Duplex steel
Deposit: Tungsten carbide / Stellite mixture


Abrasive blade tip protection of gas turbine blades

Developing and investigating an effective, thermodynamically-stable chromised SiC abrasive coating for gas turbine blades

Substrate: IN713
Deposit: IN625


Turbocharger turbine blade reconstruction

Developing, programming, and five-axis simultaneous laser cladding of blade tips

Substrate: IN738
Deposit: IN625


Industrial gas turbine blade tip reconstruction

CNC-controlled laser build-up welding of blade tips

Substrate: X20Cr13
Deposit: IN625



Industrial gas turbine compressor blade platform modification

Laser build-up welding of a blade platform

Substrate: X20Cr13
Deposit: IN625


Blade leading edge of a large scale impeller

Adjusting a manufacturing error using laser build-up welding; no post-weld heat treatment necessary

Substrate:  1.4313
Deposit: 1.4313
Part dimensions: Diameter 1502 mm, height 612 mm, weight 2 t


Adjusting a manufacturing error by laser build-up welding an inside radius

Substrate:  Steel
Deposit: IN625
Part dimensions: 1200 x 1200 x 1200 mm, weight 10 t
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