4 high-powered laser systems are available for diverse welding and cladding applications: a 6-axis CO2 laser gantry robot, a 7-axis fiber laser system, a 10-axis MetcoClad system and a portable Nd:YAG laser. Typical uses include repairing turbine blades and applying wear-resistant coatings.

CO2 laser system

The COlaser operates with gas as the active laser medium, and it is still most frequently used in industrial applications. Due to its excellent beam quality, it is well suited for keyhole welding as well as laser cladding applications.

Technical data

COlaser with 200 W­–2.2 kW power output

10600 nm (infrared) wavelength

Gantry robot with 6 CNC axes:

3 axes are translative X–Y–Z: 2.7 x 1.8 x 0.9 m

3 axes are rotatory A–B–C: 360°, ±90°, 360°

A-axis is stepless and tiltable by 90° between horizontal and vertical operation

Diameter for part’s turntable can be up to 1.8 m

5-axis simultaneous welding

Offline programming capability

Integrated contour recognition system

Fiber laser system

Flexibility is the main advantage of our fiber laser. The adjustable power output from 50 W to 1.5 kW makes it a perfect tool for laser cladding of iron-, nickel-, and cobalt-based materials as well as aluminum- and titanium-alloys.

The associated handling system was designed by us to ensure maximum flexibility for part geometry and part size.

Technical data

Ytterbium fiber laser

Fiber laser with 50 W–1.7 kW power output

1070 nm (near infrared) wavelength

5 CNC axes:

3 axes are translative X–Y–Z: 0.7 x 0.7 x 0.5 m

2 axes are rotary B–C: ±180°, 360° in the turntable

2 rotary axes are manually adjustable D–E: 360°, ±90° in the processing head

5-axis simultaneous welding

Offline programming capability

Oerlikon MetcoClad System

The MetcoClad System increases our existing capacities in Laser Cladding services. With its 6 kW diode laser and its well-integrated robot handling system it represents the actual state-of-the-art in Laser Cladding. Even large work pieces can be processed CNC-controlled.

Technical data

Diode laser with 60 W – 6.0 kW power output

900-1070 nm (near infrared) wavelength

Robot system with 10 Axes

Track-mounted robot (7 axes)

Tilting-turntable for part weigh up to 500 kg ( 2 axes)

Lathe for parts up to 4 m length and 3 tons weight (1 axis)

Offline programming capability

Nd:YAG laser system

Our small, hand-operated Nd:YAG laser is best suited for welding small sheet metal structures and pipe joints, and for applications requiring on-site operation.

Technical data

Pulsed Nd:YAG laser with 150 W average power output

10 kW maximum pulse power, 20 Hz maximum pulse frequency

1064 nm (near infrared) wavelength

Three axes X–Y–Z with programmable feed rate

1200 mm reach of laser arm

Freely turnable and tiltable processing head

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