Two types of volumetric powder feeders have spray-specific features in a controlled atmosphere. They provide a continuous supply of material and change the chamber capacity to suit your working time and volume.



Twin / Single-120-V Series Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Dust Feeders

Twin-120-V and Single-120-V powder feeders are designed for automatic operation in a controlled atmosphere. We supply one or two rotating disc dust containers with these feeders.

Key features

  • Rapid and stabilized powder feed rates
  • Volumetric powder distribution remains accurate even during long spraying operations
  • Mass flow controlled carrier gas for stable gas flow
  • The chamber is under pressure before it is opened and filled with powder.
  • After filling the powder, the vacuum-forming funnel is discharged through the funnel
  • Reservoir heater jackets available for sensitive dust in dehumidification
  • Dust containers are available in the following capacities: 1,1 L (61 in3) – 1,5 L (91,5 in3)


Carrier gas Argon or Nitrogen
Weight without hopper 105 kg (231.5 lb)
Device compatibility MultiCoat, ChamPro
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