HVOF Systems For Thermal Spray

HVOF spray systems operate on gas or liquid fuel. Gas fuel treatment applies corrosion and abrasion resistant coatings with hard, thick, dense and thin, homogeneous structures. Liquid fuel treatment applies corrosion and wear resistant coatings that are very thick and dense.




MultiCoat HVOF Spray System Platform

MultiCoat HVOF operates HVOF gas and liquid fuel spray guns. Our expert software interfaces with your thread database, data logging, and maintenance charts to configure and optimize hardware for your specific process.


Key features

  • Supports both gas and liquid fuel HVOF processes
  • Monitoring, control and security enhancements and upgrades
  • Accommodates a wide variety of HVOF spray guns and material feeders

MultiCoat platform features

  • MultiCoat from a single controller can run up to five series of thermal spray processes
  • Unique process control
  • Supports controlled atmosphere plasma spraying (ChamPro)
  • Wide range of software related to your business processes
  • Advanced processing, trending and reporting
  • Excellent performance and value for any spraying operation, from R&D to high volume production.

Control type:

  • Mass flow controlled,
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)


  • Internal quality processes (supports Nadcap certification)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Production
  • Activity Based Costing (ABC)
  • Trend and reporting

UniCoatPro LF Liquid Fuel HVOF Spray System

UniCoatPro LF is a compact and full-featured spray platform. The control unit is delivered as a complete system, including a spray gun and a powder feeder.


Key features

  • Sophisticated trend and reporting package
  • Closed-loop process control with real-time monitoring
  • Touch graphic user interface with visualization software
  • Remote maintenance
  • Multilevel alarm system
  • Storage for 100 recipes


  • Control type: PLC based, mass flow gas control
  • Process environment: Oxygen, Kerosene
  • Gun compatibility: WokaStar-610-Sz, WokaJet-410-Sz
  • Feeder compatibility: Twin-140, 9MPE-DJ, 5MPE-HP

Diamond Jet Series HVOF Gas Fuel Spray System

The DJC hybrid thermal spray system uses gas-fired HVOF to produce hard, thick and dense industrial machine parts coatings. It uses Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology for semi-automatic control, monitoring and operation of gas-fired HVOF thermal spray systems.


Key features

  • Rotameter gas measuring system
  • Real-time monitoring of process parameters
  • Automatic operation of the Diamond Jet (DJ) gun
  • Multi-system work; Master / slave configuration capability
  • Optional interfaces for work piece handling equipment, gun manipulators and exhaust systems


  • Control type: PLC-based, semi-automatic control
  • Process gas: Hydrogen, Propane, Propylene, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Compressed Air
  • Gun Compatibility: Diamond Jet Series air cooled and water cooled models
  • Feeder compatibility: 9MPE-DJ, 5MPE-HP
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