Oerlikon Metco’s state-of-the-art Laser Coating systems are ideal for both new parts manufacturing and parts repair. We give you more support with laser coating application development and support, training and production enhancement services.



MetcoClad System for Laser Coating

Our MetcoClad systems have the flexibility to develop coating strategies to process a wide variety of workpiece geometries. Customers from general industry to gas turbine suppliers benefit from our long experience in laser coating services and system design expertise.

Choosing Oerlikon Metco as your partner offers much more than a laser coating system supplier. We have years of laser coating manufacturing experience with customers extending to general industry aviation. Combine this with our renowned experience in designing fully integrated, robotic thermal spray systems and have a partner that is your unrivaled reference.

The MetcoClad system combines Oerlikon Metco’s many years of experience in thermal spray equipment and Laser Coating applications. Features and advantages, customer requirements are provided by our own work & workshop experience.

The MetcoClad system includes:
Diode laser as energy source for laser coating process
Oerlikon Metco powder feeding technology took its place in 1990 in Laser Cladding.
Oerlikon Metco powder nozzles
Oerlikon Metco Laser Cladding controller for process monitoring
Robotic use for head guiding and workpiece movement
Safety cabin and exhaust
MetcoClad systems contain directly integrated system components
Simple operability and low error rate
Reduces installation effort in production
Machining strategy and wide workpiece geometry machining flexibility
Multi-dimensional surface coating capability using a single coating strategy (eg “3D cladding”)
Remote maintenance and customer support that saves time and cost by our engineers
MetcoClad system setup can be supported by
Basic information in Laser Cladding education
Application development and support
Pilot lot and production augmentation services with our MetcoClad system in Wohlen, Switzerland
MetcoClad Laser Cladding powders for abrasion, corrosion resistance and general surface creation and restoration

Laser Coating Process

Laser Coating is a welding deposition process and a complementary coating technology for thermal spray. It is increasingly used in place of PTA (Plasma Transfer Arc) welding and is superior to traditional welding methods such as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) for advanced welding repair applications.

Transaction description: In the laser coating, the laser beam focuses on the workpiece with a selected spot size. The powder coating material is carried from a powder nozzle with an inert gas to the melt pool. The laser optics and dust nozzle are moved on the workpiece surface to form one piece, complete layers or high volume deposits.

Process basics

Typical laser power: 1 – 6 kW
Typical deposition rate: 0.1 to 12 kg
Typical coating thickness: 0.2 to 4 mm (or more)
Coating materials: Can be mixed powders (metals, metallic alloys, carbide mixtures)

Schematic diagram of the laser coating process

Key Features
Excellent metallurgical bond and completely dense coatings. Almost uninterrupted resource aggregation requires very little effort to complete.
Fewer layers are applied, as the low dilution between the minimally heat-affected area and the substrate and filler causes functional coatings with reduced thickness. Long-term weldability of sensitive materials, such as carbon-rich steels or nickel-based superalloys, which are difficult or even impossible to weld using conventional welding methods.
Thin, homogeneous microstructure resulting from fast solidification rate, which accelerates the wear resistance of carbide coatings. Post weld heat treatment often disappears because the small heat affected zone minimizes component stress
Edge geometries can be covered and created with welded deposits. Excellent process stability and repeatability as it is numerically controlled welding process
Typical applications
Dimensional restoration
Protection against wear and corrosion
Laser additive manufacturing
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