Thermal Spray Turnkey Coating Systems

Oerlikon Metco’s turn-key system expertise is the only source for a package designed specifically for commissioning, production efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

State-of-the-art turnkey systems are independent manufacturing facilities designed as fully integrated cells for individual production units or mass production lines to process many different parts daily.


  • Manipulation systems are specially designed for size, geometry and daily machining requirements for your parts
  • Detailed startup consultancy to understand your needs and budget
  • Detailed pricing package
  • Assembly and testing at our facilities to ensure proper integration and functionality
  • Fully integrated security protocols improve your risk management programs
  • Installation supervision and commissioning at your facility
  • Operation and maintenance training for employees

Turnkey system offers

A consistent development program of process hardware and software, as well as a comprehensive experience exchange with users in a wide range of industries, allowed us to develop a series of turnkey systems that meet customer requirements.

  • Core thermal spray technology
  • Single and multiple processing systems
  • Control and management systems
  • Integrated robotic handling systems in a variety of high-end problem solving designs
  • Workstations designed for high efficiency production
  • Customized transport designs for demanding and highly technical applications

The following turnkey system examples illustrate Oerlikon Metco’s extensive capabilities in industrial engineering and design:

Roller Coating Coating System

This highly standardized production system automates the complete coating process while applying a plasma spray coating directly to the engine block cylinder diameters.




The installation accommodates the coating process of cylinder bores for diesel truck engines. Thanks to effective automation and process control, cylinder holes are cleaned, the surface is roughened, plasma sprayed, cooled and labeled. The system uses robot-controlled automation for machining using the on-site operation mode.

Coating System for Transition Channels

In conventional spraying, the volumetric passage channel is rotated or indexed while the plasma gun is moved axially along the passage channel. Our more efficient solution rotates the plasma spray gun while keeping the workpiece static.



The system uses a plasma spray extension gun mounted on a rotating gun manipulator and its motion is programmed to follow the variable cross-section profile of the fixed passage channel. This results in a more homogeneous coating microstructure and thickness along the passage channel and a superior service life.

Multi Process Thermal Spray Coating System

An innovative thermal spray system for coating industrial cylinders with four processes in one system: Atmospheric plasma spray, HVOF liquid fuel, Electric arc wire, Sealing (post coating).




Parameter programming and monitoring for all four operations is carried out through a main control unit. The rotating, double workpiece processing station enables loading or unloading of a roll when a second roller is coated; thus saving time and cost through continuous processing.

Coating System with Indexing Table

Bu sistemin performansı, yüksek otomasyon seviyesine dayanmaktadır. Otomatik tesis, yüksek üretim hacimlerine olanak tanıyan sürekli bir parça akışı sağlıyor.




This fully automated system concept features a robotically controlled part manipulator. The part is turned through an automatic loading / unloading station and placed and placed externally in an indexing pickup in the spray booth. The indexing table turns the parts into the spray can on which the coating is applied.

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