Cermet Powder Materials for Thermal Spray

Cermet Powder Materials for Thermal Spray

As a composite of ceramic and metal materials, cermets act as intermediate materials that solve thermal expansion mismatches in multilayer metallic-ceramic coating systems. It is the ideal solution for applications with severe thermal cycles to increase coating performance and life.

Prevents early breakdowns caused by thermal cycle

A “cermet” is a mixture of metal oxide ceramics and metal materials. It checks for thermal expansion mismatch between the substrate and functional coating and is applied as an intermediate coating between the metallic bond coat and the ceramic topcoat. Cermets were originally designed for turbine applications such as thermal barriers and thick gap control coatings. However, this class of materials can be useful in many applications where severe thermal cycling can cause premature failure of a simple two-layer coating system.

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We offer a variety of metal / ceramic combinations for use with:

  • Alumina and zirconia based topcoat powders.
  • Nickel, aluminum and chrome based bond coating powders.
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