Improve the operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of your industrial gas turbines with our baffles, honeycombs, and seals.



Baffles and vane inserts

We  develop, and produce baffles, vane inserts, core plugs, and related sheet metal products for hot section turbine applications.




Honeycombs and braze foils

Honeycombs have become the industry standard for high-temperature seals. Oerlikon Metco’s innovative new material technologies improve gas turbine operating efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our unique oxidation-resistant MI 2100 honeycomb material can withstand seal operating temperatures up to 1,200 °C. We can also manufacture honeycombs from:

Stainless steel
Nickel-based superalloys such as Hastelloy X
Haynes 214
Nimonic alloys
Most other weldable ductile materials

Parts can be supplied as rings, strips, or segments with hexagonal cell sizes as small as 0.8 mm across inside flats. Ready-to-braze honeycomb can be preloaded with braze tape.
In addition to the standard Oerlikon Metco honeycomb products, we can also provide nickel, cobalt, and precious metal brazing as amorphous foils, pre-forms, powders, pastes, and tapes.

Seals for Industrial Gas Turbines (IGT)

Most of the seals we manufacture are used in the engine’s hot section: the High Pressure Turbine (HPT) and the Low Pressure Turbine (LPT). We also manufacture High Pressure Compressor (HPC) seals.

These seals can be outer air seals, interstage seals, or have a different sealing function in the engine. We can supply these seals as an individual segment, a complete ring, or as part of a more complex component.

Seals can be fashioned from flash-butt welded, forged, or cast rings or fabricated from sheet metal details. We can also produce seals using the increasingly popular thin wall cast segment method. For the source material, we use corrosion and high-temperature resistant superalloys.

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