Combustion powder spray is suitable for maintenance, repair, restoration and abradable/clearance control applications of machine parts. It uses oxygen and fuel to melt pure metals, alloys, carbides, polymers and ceramic powders.

Process description

We continually feed the spray material in powder form into a fuel gas-oxygen flame where it is typically melted by the heat of combustion. A powder feed carrier gas transports the powder particles into the combustion flame. The mixed gasses entrain the melted particles onto the prepared workpiece surface where it rapidly solidifies to form the coating.

Heat source Fuel gas and Oxygen
Material Powder (Metals, Ceramics), Blends of Metals and Polymers
Arc temperature Max. 3,100 °C
Particle velocity Up to 50 m/s
Spray performance 35 – 150 g/min

Key characteristics

Excellent for basic wear, corrosion resistance and abradable/clearance control applications
Coatings can be machined to final dimensions and finish

Typical applications

Crank shafts
Sucker rod couplings
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