A wire control unit’s function is to hold standard coils, straighten the wire as it uncoils, and feed it into the gun under controlled tension. Our 2W control unit for combustion thermal spraying provides the features needed to achieve fast spray rates and lengthen the life of your equipment.


For proper combustion thermal spraying, the wire must extend straight from the gun nozzle and remain centered in the flame. The 2W model’s straightening action ensures fast spraying speeds and prevents wear on gears, wire nozzles, and wire guides.


Key characteristics

Optimizes spraying performance by straightening the wire as it uncoils
For all types of wires
Removes curvature from any type of wire
Simple operation requires minimal operator training


Wire spool weight capacity 25 kg (50 lb)
Controller compatibility Manual system 16E gun
Semiautomatic system 5K gun
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