The coatings using LPPS-Hybrid systems close the gap between conventional thermal spray processes and thin film (PVD, CVD) processes.

The following elements comprise this system:

Vertically oriented vacuum chamber
Very long plasma jet to coat large areas
Uses radically lower working pressures than traditional LPPS

LPPS-Hybrid systems can produce coatings within three distinct regimes:

PS-PVD (Plasma Spray-PVD) can produce thick, columnar-structured YSZ coatings (100 to 300 µm) using high gun enthalpy to vaporize specific types of feedstock materials.

PS-CVD (Plasma Spray-CVD) uses modified conventional thermal spray components operated below 0.5 mbar to produce CVD-like coatings (<1 to 10 µm) at higher deposition rates by using liquid for gaseous precursors as feedstock materials.

PS-TF (Plasma Spray-Thin Film) can produce thin, dense layers from liquid splats using a classical thermal spray approach but at high velocity and enthalpy.

LPPS Technology
Chamber Pressure 50 mbar 1 mbar 0.5 mbar 1 mbar
Feedstock Metals Ceramics Liquid & Gaseous Precursors Metals, Ceramics
State of Deposit Liquid Vapor Vapor Liquid
Coating Example MCrAlY YSZ SiOx LSM


BRO-0005.6 An Introduction to Thermal Spray (EN)



BRO-0002.13 Thermal Spray Equipment Guide (EN)



Case Studies

SF-0014.2 ChamPro LPPS Hybrid Technologies for application of unique, high-performance functional surfaces (EN)



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