When you need superior high-temperature oxidation and hot corrosion resistant surface or bond coat for the harshest of dynamic service environments, we recommend thermal spray coatings of our MCrAlY materials.

Designed for the hottest service environments

MCrAlY thermal sprayed coatings are used in the hottest sections of gas turbine engines and other high-temperature, corrosive environments. They can be used alone as an anti corrosion coating or as a bond coat to improve the performance of Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) systems or ceramic abradable coating systems.

MCrAlY compositions for demanding applications

NiCrAlY materials protect against oxidation in high temperature gas environments
CoCrAlY chemistries offer excellent resistance to hot corrosion (sulfidation)
NiCoCrAlY or CoNiCrAlY materials provide an acceptable balance of both oxidation and sulfidation resistance

Highly consistent product quality

We manufacture all our MCrAlY materials using inert gas atomization. This assures consistent and homogeneous chemistry of the powder particles. Our freely flowing powders feed exceptionally well when thermal spraying.

Choice of optimized particle size distributions

Many of our MCrAlY materials are available with different particle size distributions, designed for suitability using different thermal spray processes:

Atmospheric plasma spray
High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
ChamPro controlled atmosphere plasma spray

Trusted product reliability

As a testament to the quality and reliability of our MCrAlY thermal spray coatings, our products can be certified for a broad range of OEM material specifications. Many OEMs turn to us to be their proprietary MCrAlY material manufacturing partner. These proprietary products are available only to users authorized by the OEM.

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