Advanced Thermal Spray System Platform – MultiCoat™ Pro combines multiple thermal spray processes in one system platform. Benefit from the unlimited versatility and unmatched process control delivered by the MultiCoat™ Pro for your thermal spray process.



Full production flexibility Integrate multiplethermal spray processes into one system platform
Increased utilization rate Combine several spray booths into one to increase your productivity
Intuitive user interface Eliminate operating errors and speed up production
Standardized modular design Benefit from fast, flexible upgrades with minimal shop disruption
Industry 4.0 and IIoT ready Integrates with your smart factory


5 in 1

Operate up to five different atmospheric thermal spray processes using one MultiCoat Pro system and operator console or operate one controlled atmosphere process.

Atmospheric plasma spray (single and triple cathode guns)
Controlled atmosphere plasma spray
HVOF gas fuel spray
HVOF liquid fuel spray
Combustion powder spray
Combustion wire spray

Handle parts your way

Choose the spray gun and part handling systems that suit your requirements
Select from the most popular robotic systems that you already use in your production.
Benefit from Oerlikon Metco’s vast experience in integrated handling systems
Consider dual handling stations to process a variety of parts in one spray booth



Take a modular approach

The modular design with plug-in interfaces ensures new hardware and process can be installed quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime
Protect your investment with a system that meets your needs now and can be readily modified to meet your future needs




Improved usability and productivity

The Clarity user interface reduces complexity and focuses on the information relevant to the task.
Key indicators are visible from a distance so operators can multitask and spend their time more effectively.
Step-by-step instructions guide the operator through the entire process eliminating operating errors, improving productivity and minimizing training efforts.


Stay in control and move ahead

Quickly scale up and replicate production by simply transferring recipes and operating configurations from one system to the next.
Clarity seamlessly integrates into your production environment to increase productivity.
Industry 4.0 and IIoT features provide real-time status information about the manufacturing process and system health.
Clarity diagnoses system performance and informs you when maintenance is needed or a malfunction occurs.

BRO-0022.2 MultiCoatPro Advanced Thermal Spray System Platform (EN)



BRO-0005.6 An Introduction to Thermal Spray (EN)



DSE-0105.1 MultiCoatPro Advanced Thermal Spray Coating Platform (EN)



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