The O3CP gun provides heavy-duty production spraying in a controlled-atmosphere chamber, in a process called Low Pressure Plasma Spraying (LPPS).


It is ideal for mass-production applications such as:

Coating large areas
Thermal barrier coatings
Solid oxide fuel cells
Electrical resistance

Key characteristics

Continuous, very high operating power allows a wide variety of material to be applied at high deposit rates
Produces a high-force plasma jet for vapor deposition coating of blind areas
Several nozzle designs available to optimize process conditions
Produces very pure coatings
High kinetic energy and large plasma jet results in dense, thin coating layers
Operated by the MultiCoat™ platform


Maximum power 180 kW
Process gasses Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen
Controller compatibility MultiCoat, ChamPro™


BRO-0005.6 An Introduction to Thermal Spray (EN)



BRO-0002.13 Thermal Spray Equipment Guide (EN)



Case Studies

SF-0014.2 ChamPro LPPS Hybrid Technologies for application of unique, high-performance functional surfaces (EN)



Product Information

PL 41940 EN 12 03C Spray Gun Parts List (EN)



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