Our coating services for fossil-fuel and renewable power generation applications help customers meet their needs for higher efficiency and ever-increasing regulatory demands. Protect your components from erosion and cavitation with thermally sprayed coatings that will extend service life, ensure high efficiency and maintain expected power.


Boiler Tubes

Part Function Protection of boiler components for. e.g. waste incinerators
Base Material Steel
Coating Function High temperature corrosion protection
Process Technology Electric Arc Wire Spray, HVOF or Atmospheric Plasma Spray


Heat Shields

Part Function High temperature shielding in the combustion section
Base Material Superalloy
Coating Function Thermal protection
Process Technology Atmospheric Plasma Spray


Kaplan Blades

Part Function Increase velocity of and control of water flow
Base Material Steel
Coating Function Erosion and cavitation resistance
Process Technology HVOF


Fuel Cells

Part Function Interconnect of planar high temperature SOFC stacks
Base Material Chromium alloy
Coating Function Electrically conductive ceramic, diffusion barrier coating
Process Technology Atmospheric Plasma Spray


Turbine Blades

Part Function Work extraction in a turbine engine
Base Material Superalloys
Coating Function Oxidation and hot corrosion resistance
Process Technology Atmospheric Plasma Spraying or HVOF
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