RotaPlasma™ HS1 is a unique high-speed rotating plasma gun manipulator. It greatly enhances the capabilities of a standard plasma gun by providing continuous rotation during spray operations. It can be used to coat both uniform and non-uniform inner geometries. RotaPlasma HS1 forms an integral part of the Oerlikon Metco’s SUMEBore™coating solution.


Typical applications

Engine block cylinder bores
Heat exchanger tubes
Pump casings
Turbine engine transition ducts

Key Characteristics

Designed for mass production applications
Significantly lower cost per bore compared to existing technology
Up to 4x faster processing time compared to previous model
Innovative coupling mechanism reduces gun changeover time  to seconds
Coat complex geometrical components and cylinder diameters down to 50 mm
Parts designed for up to 10x longer lifetime and reduced maintenance


Weight  (With drive motor, RotaCoupler – Spray Gun) 64 kg (141 lb)
Rotation speed 10 to 800 rpm
Power (maximum current)* 400 ADC
Controller compatibility MultiCoat (specially designed for RotaPlasma HS1)
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