For a fully dense coating that is highly wear and corrosion resistant, choose a self-fluxing alloy applied using a thermal spray process followed by a post-coat fuse. Self-fusing alloys offer many of the benefits of self-fluxing alloys when post-coat fusing is not feasible.

Self-fluxing materials

Self-fluxing materials are first applied using a thermal spray process, such as combustion powder Thermospray, atmospheric plasma spray, or High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) spray. While the coatings can be used “as-sprayed,” post-coat fusing is recommended to coalesce the coating.

Characteristics and benefits of fused coatings

Fully dense-coating microstructure
High coating hardness
Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
Coatings are metallurgically bonded to the substrate
Coatings can be ground to tight dimensions with a good finish

Self-fusing materials

For situations when post-coat fusing may distort the component or the substrate cannot tolerate the heat of the fusing process, self-fusing materials are a good alternative. These materials partially coalesce during the spray process without requiring a post-coat fusing.

Characteristics and benefits of self-fusing materials

Easy to use, one-step coating process
Very low porosity
Very good coating hardness
Very good wear and corrosion resistance
Bonds well to the substrate
Coatings can be ground to tight dimensions with a good finish

Flexibility to suit your production needs

In many cases, the coatings are easily applied using a simple combustion powder Thermospray system. Fusing, when required, is often accomplished manually using a simple oxy-acetylene torch.

For higher production volumes or mass production, a fully automated system can be used to apply the coatings. Fusing can be batch-processed in furnaces or accomplished using Radio Frequency (RF) induction coils. When done properly, part distortion is negligible to non-existent.

We offer a range of self-fluxing and self-fusing alloys to suit various application requirements. For the highest wear resistance, we supply products with carbide hard phases.

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