SinplexPro synergistically incorporates the efficiency advantages of cascaded arc technology into a single-cathode spray gun. This all-purpose gun yields significantly higher throughput on existing and new plasma spray systems at an economical investment cost.


Key characteristics

Stable plasma arc across a wide range of gas flows, gas mixtures, and pressures
Sprays all types of powder materials
High throughput increases productivity
Easily retrofits into existing plasma spray systems
Available in 90° and 180° models


Max. power 60 kW
Process gasses Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen
Weight 2.6 kg (5.7 lb)
Controller compatibility MultiCoat, UniCoatPro Plasma, 9MC series, most legacy Oerlikon Metco and competitive systems (with review of system by Oerlikon Metco)



SF-0024.0_SinplexPro: The low risk solution to boost anilox roll production and coating quality (EN)




BRO-0006.6 Atmospheric Plasma Spray Solutions (EN)



BRO-0005.6 An Introduction to Thermal Spray (EN)



BRO-0002.13 Thermal Spray Equipment Guide (EN)



Product Information

DSE-0075.2 Metco CPI-500 Ignition Control Unit (EN)



FLY-0009.2 SinplexPro Plasma Spray Gun – A Low Investment Yields Big Benefits (EN)



PL 115252 EN 11 SinplexPro™ Plasma Spray Gun Parts List Parts List (EN)



DSE-0061.5 SinplexPro Universal Plasma Spray Guns (EN)



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