For complex geometries and internal bore applications, the SM-F100 Connex is your best choice. This gun offers a modular design, with different configuration elements to achieve various lengths and spray angles.


Industries typically utilizing this model include:

Chemical processing
General engineering

Key characteristics

Sprays several material types with a single nozzle / electrode configuration
Machine-mount for use with robotic or traverse mechanisms
Supports components with complex geometries and tight clearances
Compatible with controlled atmosphere spray systems
Highly efficient deposition and powder throughput reduces operating costs

Shaft length options

140 mm (5.5 in)
280 mm (11 in)
560 mm (22 in)


Maximum power 20 kW
Process gasses Argon, Helium, Hydrogen
Weight 3 kg (6.6 lb)
Controller compatibility MultiCoat, UniCoat, 9MC, 9MCE
Minimum bore diameter Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS) 100 mm (3.9 in)
Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS) 200 mm (7.9 in)


BRO-0006.6 Atmospheric Plasma Spray Solutions (EN)



BRO-0005.6 An Introduction to Thermal Spray (EN)



BRO-0002.13 Thermal Spray Equipment Guide (EN)



Product Information

PL 40867 EN 09 SM-F100 CONNEX Spray Gun Parts List (EN)



DSE-0057.3 Metco SM-F100 CONNEX (EN)



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