Abradable coating solutions improve safety and reduce fuel consumption and emissions in turbomachinery. Whether for aviation gas turbines, or power generation gas or steam turbines, we have abradable materials for your clearance control applications.

We design and produce abradable materials for critical turbomachinery clearance control applications. Our composite abradable thermal spray powders are of the highest quality and consistency for long-lasting service.

Solutions for aircraft gas turbine engines

Our abradable solutions significantly improve efficiency and operational safety of aircraft propulsion engines. These products log millions of flight hours each and every year on civil and military turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines.

Typical applications

Rotor path linings
Low-, intermediate-, and high-pressure compressor seals
High-pressure turbine seals
Bearing air seals
Oil seals
Other labyrinth seal configurations

Operational benefits

Reduces Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC)
Increases compressor stall margins
Lowers engine Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT), extending the engine on-wing time

Gas turbines used in power generation and mechanical drive applications

Typical applications

Our abradable materials are applied as clearance control coatings to industrial gas turbine compressors, improving compressor efficiency up to 5%. On the first stages of the turbine section, our ceramic abradable materials are applied to shroud seal segments to reduce overall clearances, thereby improving stage efficiency up to 2%.

Operational benefits

Improves power output
Lowers fuel consumption
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Significantly reduces annual operating costs of large power generation turbines

Typical clearance control applications for industrial gas turbines.

Abradable clearance control solutions for steam turbines

Typical applications

Shaft seals
Balance piston seals
Steam flow path seals over shrouded rotor blades for Supercritical (SC) and Ultra Supercritical (USC) steam applications

Operational benefits

Improves turbine efficiency
Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
Saves fuel
Reduces environmental costs

On-site application

We can apply abradable coatings at the site of your steam turbine assembly or repair using methods and equipment we have developed. For such on-site applications, please contact Oerlikon Metco Surface Services.

Typical clearance control applications for steam turbines.


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