Achieve long-lasting corrosion protection in even the harshest conditions. Our thermal spray wires are also used for repair and as bond coats. We can perform the work on-site at your operation. Our products come in a variety of specifications tailored to the spray procedure and application.

Materials for galvanically-active corrosion control

Independent testing has shown that coatings of these materials can last between 20 – 40 years before requiring a recoating.

Typical applications

Infrastructure such as bridges, trestles, water towers, wind turbines, pipelines
Marine and offshore applications, such as bridges, hulls for ships and tankers, offshore wind turbines
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
Boilers and Digesters

Typical wire coating materials

Zinc-aluminum alloy
Aluminum-magnesium alloy

Corrosion resistance in harsh environments

We also offer wires for other types of corrosion control, such as resistance to:
Various chemicals and pH conditions
Harsh, high-temperature conditions, such as the environments found in industrial boilers and digesters

Benefits over traditional welding

Less expensive to apply
Faster application, potentially saving days, if not weeks of facility downtime on scheduled outages
Less stress on components such as boiler walls and tubes
Compatible with welded areas

Thermal spray wires for bond coats and repair

Bond coats applied using electric arc wire spray are very clean and more easily machined than their powder-sprayed counterparts. Wires are popular for machine element repair, most commonly on carbon steel, low-alloy steel, and stainless steel substrates.

Easily applied in-plant or on-site

The simple equipment needs for wire spray coatings permit them to be applied almost anywhere. Typical portable applications include inside industrial boilers and on-site at oil refineries, pipelines, and petrochemical plants.

Your source for reliable thermal spray wires

We offer wires in a range of diameters optimized for combustion wire spray, electric arc wire spray, various spray guns, and specific applications. Depending upon the volume of your production, we offer different packaging sizes, ranging from single coils, spools, up to large large drums. Material options include pure metals, alloys, and composite cored wires to suit your surface requirement. Our products offer reliable quality and lot-to-lot consistency.

OEMs worldwide specify our well-known, respected brands:

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