If friction reduction, engine performance increase, reduction of fuel consumption, reduction of wear rate, weight reduction, reduction of oil consumption, emission reduction and corrosion resistance lead your list of objectives, our unique thermal spray coatings applied on your transportation components are your solution. Oerlikon Metco’s thermal spray coatings provide the transportation industry with the right solutions to meet increasing regulation standards.

Cylinder Liners

Part Function Press-fit into engine block cylinder, allows engine block to be manufactured of lighter weight materials.
Base Material Cast iron
Coating Function Corrosion resistance in the presence of high sulfur fuels, abrasion resistance, low friction, reduced oil and fuel consumption.
Process Technology Atmospheric Plasma Spray


Part Function Protection of boiler components for. e.g. waste incinerators
Base Material Steel
Coating Function High temperature corrosion protection
Process Technology Electric Arc Wire Spray, HVOF or Atmospheric Plasma Spray
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