UniCoatPro LF is a compact and fully-featured spray platform. It is delivered as a complete system including control unit, spray gun and powder feeder.



Key characteristics

Sophisticated trending and reporting package
Closed-loop process control with real-time monitoring
Touchscreen graphical user interface with visaulization software
Remote maintenance capability
Multilevel alarm system
Storage for 100 recipes


Control type PLC-based, mass-flow gas control
Process media Oxygen, Kerosene
Gun compatibility WokaStar-610-Sz, WokaJet-410-Sz
Feeder compatibility Twin-140, 9MPE-DJ, 5MPE-HP


BRO-0008.7 High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) Solutions (EN)



BRO-0005.6 An Introduction to Thermal Spray (EN)



BRO-0002.13 Thermal Spray Equipment Guide (EN)



Product Information

FLY-0015.1 Introducing the UniCoatPro™ Thermal Spray Platform (EN)



DSE-0080.3 UniCoatPro LF Liquid-Fuel HVOF Controller Platform (EN)



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